9 October 2015


Victim, Survivor, Thriver is done.

I am not healed.

It is not all processed.

My mental health is... perilous.

I continue to work with lovely psychiatrist, wonderful psychologist and my great gp.

No idea on how much longer this will take.

No idea if I will ever be healed.

I do things now that I never could have when I started this blog.

I do things now that I never could have a year ago.

Maybe I will never be a thriver.

I'm pretty sure I've made it to survivor. Who knows if all of this will lead to Thriver.

There has been plans that have needed to be put on hold but there are other plans being made.

I deleted because I don't want all of that left out in the world. I did back it up so if ever the need arises I can restore it all. I highly doubt that will ever happen.

Thank you to those who read what came before this. Thank you to anyone who commented. Each comment helped in ways that you may not realise.

I close not knowing what comes next but that is just the way the world is... none of us knows what comes next. I can only say that I will do the best that I can to make what comes next something good for me.

I leave you with something that has kept me alive through the years. These are my current two but throughout the 40 years of my life there has always been cats. At times they have been the only reason I have kept going.