1 September 2015

Can't sleep

I can't sleep tonight. Work has been so busy and there is so many things that need to be done and I am just a bit overwhelmed with it. I have a great new co-worker but, as quickly as she is learning, there is still much that she is unable to help me with. It is not help with my boss when doing dictation for new co-worker frequently says ask [me] how to do that. Some of them are things that he could dictate for her but for him it is easier to get me to do it. However, that just gets me further and further behind. I've been awake for over 2 hours now. At 5 am I am considering getting dressed and going to work so that I can catch up. My boss is going to be away for almost 2 weeks after today and there are things that need to be done that he will need to take care of before he goes. 

I should be able to catch up on a lot of things while he is away but I would also like to try and spend some of the time showing my new co-worker things. Hopefully I can manage to combine both so that when my boss gets back things will have settled down and it will ease my stress levels. 

30 August 2015

One change

Sometimes deep inside you know things are changing, are ending but it just isn't there consciously. No, that isn't quite right. I've known things were changing but struggled greatly with it. Not wanting to believe or even really acknowledge. However there is always one point where something happens and you just cannot deny it anymore. It can be big or small although I have found that it is usually something small that makes finally sink in. 

And so it was, something small. Just one small change. Just one different word. I will cry a while more. It will sting and bite for a while yet. I will question myself as to why, what did I do wrong, for a time yet. Hopefully one day, in the not too distant future, it will be "okay". My lovely psychiatrist and wonderful psychologist have so often said about the abuse stuff that part of what we are doing is to get me to a point where it does not consume me to think about. To get to the point of a scar rather than an open wound. I know that it is happening, whole sections seem to be closed up now. This one though is newly opened wound. I hope that with the skills that I have obtained throughout my therapy I will be able to heal it without being consumed as wounds have in the past. 

Amazing how changing one word little word can change things forever. 

30 June 2015


So I have had a bad couple of days. 

My cousin committed suicide on Sunday night. I got a text from my grandparents at work yesterday morning. 

My Gramma died some time overnight (she was overseas). I found out at lunch time from a post on Facebook by my second cousin. 

Text & Facebook is this what the world is reduced to? Surely something as important as the loss of a loved one should be communicated in person or if that isn't possible then by phone. 

Yes, I was at work but there were ways they could have gotten the news to me. When my uncle died they contacted my grandparents here to let me know when they couldn't get me on the phone, 

It hurts. It hurts so much that they think so little of me that I found out from Facebook. 

3 June 2015

Eighty-eighth appointment

So I now have a script for an anti-depressant. New to the market, non government subsidised (oh well, that is what my health insurance is for). Unfortunately it is so new to the market that my pharmacy doesn't stock it. They can't get it in until Friday and by that time I won't be in town. I guess that it is probably best not to start a new medication before a long weekend away. 

1 June 2015

Horror night

It was his birthday yesterday and it was kind of a fucked up day. 

I basically did nothing in the morning except for sit around watching random stuff on youtube. Oh and going down rabbit holes on the internet. Some freaking weird stuff out there when you just start randomly clicking on things.... 

I did manage to make myself roast pork for dinner. I got my crackle to crackle properly for the first time in ages. 

27 May 2015

Eighty- seventh appointment

Been a while since I wrote specifically about an appointment. 

Today was a difficult one. Not so much because of the emdr but because of the other stuff that we talked about. 

21 May 2015

11 May 2015

Risks can be worth it

So, I went away for the weekend. I did some stuff.

I went to a thing called Whoniverse, which was a Dr Who panel thing. Basically a few of the actors were there and it was a q&a session. I bought some merchandise and it was a good way to spend some time.

Now that I have said that about Whoniverse, I didn't actually see all of it. Although I did see the actors that I really wanted to see, just not the actor who played Doctor Who. If it had been David Tennant or Peter Capaldi nothing could have stopped me but it was Matt Smith. He was a good Doctor but not my favourite. Besides last minute I had the opportunity to catch up with someone I haven't seen for a long time. We had lunch at Jamie Oliver's restaurant and walked to the Botanical Gardens. It was a lovely afternoon of talking.

21 April 2015

Need to stop beating myself up

So...things aren't really that good here at the moment. The medication changes are taking a toll. I really want to get off this medication but I think that the other one I am on needs some adjustment. I would really like to just increase my dose but am reluctant to do it on my own. I know that lovely psychiatrist has suggested to me in the past that I can, to a certain extent, play around with things. I never have though. It is another two weeks before I see him. I guess that the best course of action would be to just wait. I do see my gp on Thursday so will talk with her about it. Although I think she will be reluctant to do anything either. My main reason for hesitation really is the possible side effects. I know that with the medication I am taking there is a risk of a rare side effect called Stevens-Johnson syndrome which is very serious. It is rare and the likelihood of it from an increased dose, as opposed to starting a new drug, are more rare. However, lovely psychiatrist has been very specific about this particular reaction as he has previously had a patient that it did happen to. 

7 April 2015


You know how I said that if there was going to be side effects from changing my medication it would rocket me up? Yeah, well no. I feel like I am plunging downwards. I have been grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw terribly. My mouth was aching badly today. Now I have the most dreadful headaches. One of the headaches that I used to get all the time. The strong paracetamol & codeine aren't penetrating. I'm in that weighing up as to whether the nausea and cramping of taking ibuprofen are worth it to get rid of this pain in my head. I know that sounds weird but sometimes the nausea and cramping are worth it. I have talked with both my doctor and pharmacist about taking ibuprofen and we came up with some restrictions that I must follow. Mainly it is about me picking when it is really necessary. I am allowed 1 tablet 1 - 2 times a week. No more than that. No longer than 2 weeks.